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Bücher 1.  Straw decomposition in soil, effects on denitrification and mineralization/immobilization of nitrogen during the autumn and spring
/ Lars R. Bakken. - Vollebeck, 1986
Bücher 2.  The identification of the mycelia of wood-decay fungi by their oxidation reactions with phenolic compounds
/ Aino Käärik. - Stockholm : Skogshögskclan, 1965
Bücher 3.  Use of pneumatic pressure extracts of soil solutions to measure effect of sulphur additions to the soil
/ Arnor Njøs. - Vollebekk, 1970
Bücher 4.  Using a geographic information system to estimate the capital value of border-cutting
/ Erik Næsset. - Ås : Norsk institutt for skogforskning, 1992
Bücher 5.  Effects of spacing and fertilization on four grafted clones of Scots pine
/ H. H. Hattemer. - Stockholm : Skogshögskolan, 1977
Bücher 6.  Pathogenicity of Ophistoma polonicum to Norway spruce: the effect of isolate age and inoculum dose
/ Richard Horntvedt. - Ås : Norsk institutt for skogforskning, 1991
Bücher 7.  Influence of CO2, moisture and nutrients on the formation of Lammas growth and prolepsis in seedlings of Pinus silvestris L.
/ Torsten Aldén. - Stockholm : Skogshögskolan, 1971
Bücher 8.  A computerized book keeping system for breeding material of self fertilized crops
/ Kåre Ringlund. - Vollebeck, 1984
Bücher 9.  The effect of high level of vitamin E and of a ration with hydrogenated free fatty acids upon pork quality
/ H. N. Astrup. - Vollebeck, 1985
Bücher 10.  Effects of photoperiod and temperature on growth and development of three latitudinal and three altitudinal populations of Betula pubescans Ehrh.
/ Atle Håbjørg. - Vollebekk, 1972
1 - 10 von 2277
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