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Online resources (without periodicals) 1.  Soil Resources Program (SRP)
/ Division of Soil and Water Resources <Columbus (Oh), US>. - 2012Abstract
Books 2.  Methoden der hydrologischen Regionalisierung : ÖWAV-Seminar im Lebensministerium, 18. - 19. Mai 2006
/ Gutknecht, Dieter. - Wien : Inst. für Wasserbau und Ingenieurhydrologie, Techn. Univ. Wien, 2006
Online resources (without periodicals) 3.  Hydrologischer Atlas von Deutschland (HAD)
/ Federal Institute for Hydrology (BFG) <Berlin, Koblenz, DE>. - 2004Abstract
Online resources (without periodicals) 4.  Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Oder Estuary Region (ICZM Oder)
/ Institut für Ostseeforschung <Warnemünde, DE>. - 2004Abstract
Online resources (without periodicals) 5.  R-HydroNet - A Regional Electronic Hydrometeorological Data Network for South America, Central America, and the Caribbean
/ Vörösmarty, Charles J.. - 2004Abstract
Online resources (without periodicals) 6.  Ontario Stream Restoration - Planning and Projects (by Jason Nolan)
/ Nolan, J. >. - 2004Abstract
Online resources (without periodicals) 7.  Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland
/ Institute of Geography - University of Bern <Bern, CH>. - 2004Abstract
Online resources (without periodicals) 8.  Water Center for the Humid Tropics of Latin America and the Caribbean (CATHALAC)
/ CATHALAC <Panama City, PA>. - 2004Abstract
Online resources (without periodicals) 9.  Water Survey of Canada (National Water Research Institute)
/ National Water Research Institute <Burlington, CA (ON)>. - 2003Abstract
Online resources (without periodicals) 10.  Ground Water Atlas of the United States (USGS)
/ USGS Office of Ground Water - U.S. Geological Survey <Reston, US (VA)>. - 2003Abstract
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ud 000 [LCL] Local classification (GOK) 15
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